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Carbon Neutral Clairglow & Woodland Creation Scheme

In April 2012 Clairglow became Carbon Neutral by capturing 330 tonnes of C02 by participating in a Woodland Creation scheme in Carnborne, Dorset.

Each year Clairglow measures our Carbon Footprint (which in 2014 was 284 tonnes) and our goal is to minimse the impact our carbon emissions have on the environment.

The woodland creation project, implemented by Forest Carbon was completed in Spring 2013 and covered 33 hectares. A mix of different tree species were planted including Douglas Fir, Oak, Ash and Western red cedar.

The woodland that was created will be managed on a continuous cover forestry (CCF) basis which means it will become a permanent, sustainable, all-age forest.

Clairglow is proud to be part of the creation of this permanent and productive woodland.