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Clairglow supporting the Croydon Community

Clairglow has worked for Croydon Council and within the Croydon area for over 30 years.

As a Strategic Partner of Croydon Council we are working together to help improve economic and social outcomes for Croydon’s residents.

This year Clairglow has attended a number of events such as The South London Jobs Fair (a recruitment fair for local people) and the ‘Value Croydon’ event organised by Croydon Council.

The focus of ‘Value Croydon’ was on supporting the creation of jobs for local people and leveraging the financial and professional resources of Croydon Council’s business partners (such as Clairglow) to deliver added social benefits that enhance the quality of life for Croydon’s communities.

Events such as Value Croydon are a great opportunity to meet with Croydon based businesses, some of which we hope will become part of our supply chain and to learn about Croydon Council’s future plans to drive forward Social Value for Croydon.

Clairglow will continue to support such events and play our part in contributing to the success of Value Croydon and in supporting the growth of Croydon.