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Clairglow Volunteer Day for The Kinetic Foundation

Three members of Clairglow’s staff rolled up their sleeves today and got digging for The Kinetic Foundation to help improve facilities at the Croydon F.C. clubhouse.

The aim of the Kinetic Foundation is to use sport to attract and engage with disadvantaged young people from South London and inspire and engage children in primary schools. Kinetic deliver a wide range of educational services and opportunities for young people to be active, learn new skills and improve their employment prospects.

At the beginning of 2018, Kinetic received grant funding from “Volunteer It Yourself” to improve the facilities at the club house to give young people in South Norwood access to better facilities and sport provision.

Clairglow staff worked hard to dig and level out an area, lay landscaping fabric and barrow gravel to the area to create a terrace with seating.

It was a long and tiring day for the volunteers but we hope the end result was worth the effort.

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